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Chain of Lakes is passionate about helping people become who God desires for them to be.
Chain of Lakes helps people in four ways:

Chain of Lakes helps people in their faith life
Chain of Lakes wants everyone to become and grow as a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple means that our relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in our life.

Chain of Lakes helps people in their relationship life
Relationships can be messy. They are just as hard now as when Jesus developed a following. God can help us with our relationships. Chain of Lakes is willing to address topics that prevent us from having quality relationships.

Chain of Lakes helps people heal from past wounds
Let’s face it—we’ve all been hurt. These hurts can prevent us from being who God desires for us to be. Chain of Lakes wants to help people be released from the pain of the past so we can move into the future.

Chain of Lakes helps people develop their identity in Christ— Their Inspirational Intersection
The Inspirational Intersection is the intersection between what God wants us to do and what we want to do. At this intersection is tremendous energy, imagination, and love. We want to help every person who connects to Chain of Lakes discover this place. And when people do—watch out!! The world is going to be changed!


Announcements for the Week of January 23, 2022

Welcome to in-person and online worship at Chain of Lakes Church.  Today Pastor Paul is continuing a sermon series called, “Y.” Each Sunday he is exploring questions about God and faith that start with the word, “why.” Today’s question is “Why are there so many different churches?” Jim Weckwerth and Jana Swenson will share their findings about Chain of Lakes during worship. 

Thanks to Amy Moore for leading the Praise Band today. Music Director Jan Boehm is spending time with her grandchildren today.

Everyone is invited to meet at the church property at noon to sign the last roof truss that will go on the new building. To get to the property drive east on 105th to Radisson Road; take Radisson Road to 125th Ave or Main; turn right and the property is about a mile down the road. 

Signing the truss will be like sharing a blessing that will be literally over all the people who will gather in the future in the building. Sharpie markers will be shared for signing, along with a memento from the day. Sign whatever you like on the truss–your name,  a short prayer, or a message for the future – these messages will stay on the roof truss for a very long time.

Please fill out the Communication Card that is in the bulletin and share it during the offering. Financial contributions can also be shared during the offering. If you are worshiping online, share your Communication Card and financial contributions at 

The Session has voted to follow the guidelines of Center of Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health. Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask. No one will be excluded from worship because they do not wear a mask. 

We are looking for volunteers. There are more opportunities than you may know. Wish to find out what?  Contact me: Please don’t hesitate. I would love to get to know you and your gifts!  Denton Nissley, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries.

I am so impressed with this group of kids, whether it’s their knowledge of Scripture, or their invitational spirit. We love seeing new faces, and invite more to come to Youth Group at Chain of Lakes Wednesday, January 26, as we talk about how each of us is Distinct! It is our calling to be the best version of ourselves. First we need to understand who we are as individuals. Denton Nissley, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries

Sunday Funday is on February 6. During Sunday Circles the kids are going to have an indoor snowball fight. Yes this can happen! For the Y series Pastor Paul is addressing the question, “Y Pray?” Communion will be celebrated. This is an excellent day to invite someone to worship. 

Calling all guitar players (ukulele too)!  On Sunday, March 13, the praise team will be a guitar band.  We will be playing songs that contain only 3 chords, so players of any skill level will be able to participate. This would be a great opportunity to invite friends who play guitar and would enjoy playing with us! If you are interested or have more questions please contact 

January 30    As part of the Y series Pastor Paul will address the question, “Why are there so many different religions?” The Annual Meeting will take place after worship.

February 6   Sunday Funday! Kids will make indoor snowballs and have a snowball fight during Sunday Circles. Pastor Paul will preach on “Y pray?” Communion will be celebrated.

Pastor Paul is leading a Y small group. The next meeting is Wednesday, January 26 at 7pm. The group will go deeper in discussing the content of each Y question. This Wednesday the group will talk about the question, “Why are there so many different churches?” The group will be hybrid meaning that people can choose to meet in person in the Conference Room or  connect to the group through Zoom. If you’d like to participate, sign the Communication card. 

Starting Saturday, February 5, Fabrice Fru will be leading a small group on the book of Galatians. The group will meet at Davenport at 11am. Galatians is a powerful book that explains Christian freedom. Sign up on the Communication card.

Join Bill Chadwick for a night of stand-up comedy. Bill is a stand-up comedian, author and Presbyterian pastor who has performed at several Twin Cities area comedy clubs. He will have people laughing away the cold January evening Bill is author of the book, “Still Laughing. Still Learning (Still Looking for a Good Title)”.  Special treats will be served. Tickets are FREE. Bill will be selling his book after his performance.

Consider bringing a friend or family member to Comedy Night. If you’d like to distribute tickets, sign the Communication card. This is a great opportunity for a friend or family member to have a wonderful time on a Saturday evening.

The Annual Meeting of the congregation will be after worship on Sunday, January 30. At the meeting, a report will be shared about construction, an updated timeline for construction, a report about the upcoming Capital Campaign, and goals for 2022. Worship will last approximately 45 minutes on January 30th.

Maybe this week’s Ministry Team is the team for your gifts and talents. Is your Spiritual Gift Faith or Message of Knowledge? Do you have experience with audio/visual technology, sanctuary design, or different worship styles? The Worship Team might be a great place for you to serve! This team focuses on Chain of Lakes Core Values God’s Church and Relevance and is dedicated to creating dynamic worship services that touch people’s hearts. Contact either Pastor Paul at or Jan Boehm at for more information.

This past week more interior walls were put up on the church building. Updates about the building with pictures are shared on the Chain of Lakes Facebook page and on the Chain of Lakes website,

January 23  Sunday             noon  Roof truss signing
January 25  Tuesday            11am  Staff
January 25  Tuesday             7pm   Disciple Session
January 26  Wednesday 5:30pm  Youth Group
January 26  Wednesday       7pm   Y small group
January 29  Saturday           7pm    Comedy Night

Volunteer for worship

Chain of Lakes is a place where you can share the gifts and passions God has given you.
Learn about God and express praise through various volunteer activities that help this community to worship God. To sign up or learn more, please contact Chain of Lakes at 763.208.8049 or
Lead Music
From bluegrass, to choir, to children with their bells, Chain of Lakes is singing a new song unto the Lord!
The worship music team rotates between a dedicated group of volunteer musicians from Chain of Lakes weekly. 
If you are a musician looking to use your gifts in a ministry setting, you are welcome here. Instrumentalists and vocalists are encouraged to inquire and become a part of how God is using musicians at Chain of Lakes.
Other Leadership Roles
click on each description below for more information:

Small groups

Why join? To connect, develop friendships, have fun. Click on each title for group information; sign up at 763.208.8049 or

 A “Y” small group led by Pastor Paul and based on his “Y” sermon series, starts Wednesday, January 12 at 7pm. The group will go deeper in discussing the content of each “Y” question. The group will be hybrid, meaning that people can choose to meet in person in the Chain of Lakes Conference Room or  connect to the group through Zoom. If you’d like to participate, email Pastor Paul at or marking the Communication Card.

Starting Saturday, February 5, Fabrice Fru will be leading a small group on the book of Galatians. The group will meet at Davenport at 11am, and meet for 6 Saturdays. Galatians is a powerful book that explains Christian freedom. Sign up on the Communication card or contact

Chain of Lakes bowling Autumn league has ended. The Spring league will start in February. Starting time is 6:45pm at Bowlero Bowl 11351 Ulysses St NE, Blaine, MN 55434. Cost is $10 each per night.  Contact Alice Nyberg or email to sign up or get more information.

An ongoing group organized by Pam Graves meets at 1:30pm Mondays to study the New Testament, starting with Matthew. Meetings are usually in the apartment home of one of the participants. Contact if you are interested in this group.

Prayer Group & Prayer Requests

Members of the Chain of Lakes Prayer Group pray over the requests that are received at Chain of Lakes each week. See the list of current prayer requests below. Let Chain of Lakes support you! For more information and to be a part of the Prayer Group contact the church office at 763.208.8049 or

  • For family and friends who grieve the passing of Jerry Monson. Peace and comfort
  • For family and friends of Nancy Amundsen’s brother Dave Brady, who passed away January 10. Peace and comfort
  • For Ali Johnson, Samantha and family members to heal from COVID and other health issues
  • For Sue Schultz, that a procedure to cut nerves in her neck will bring relief from pain
  • For Lavon Peek, who is struggling with her health
  • For all who struggle with mental health, particularly during the winter months
  • For Keith Hammer, who is fighting cancer again
  • For Michelle, Jim Langford’s niece, whose transplanted kidneys are failing; medication is undermining her immune system
  • For Paul Foreman’s mother, Sharon Quist, who is undergoing chemotherapy
  • For Misty Young’s mother and grandmother, both living with cancer
  • For Nde Tse, who is serving in the United States military in Iraq – protect him
  • For Laurie Arbes’ sister Bobbi, who has lung cancer, and asks for light and peace
  • For Sherri Varsho, who is living with cancer, going through treatments: strength, healing

Ministry Teams

More information about each team can be provided by each team’s respective chair person. Contact the church office to reach any of the team members: 763.208.8049 or
Is your team creating an event for the church? Please fill out this form to help the Communications Team promote it!
Chris Audet, Kathy Brevig (staff), Brad Olson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff), Amanda Serfling (chair)
Jolene Altrichter (chair),  Becky Booker, Heather Butterfield, Gloria Ivers, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
John Ivers (chair), Kevin Amundsen, Paul Edgett, Dick Pederson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff), Jordan Serfling
Laurie Arbes, Becky Booker (chair), Sharon Pederson
Local Impact
Ken Booker, Kayla Flanagan,  Val Owens, Dick and Sharon Pederson (chair), Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Val Owens (chair), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Small Groups
Kathy Brevig (chair), Heather Butterfield, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

John Ivers (chair), John Altrichter, Dave Nyberg, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Jan Boehm (staff), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Richard Garcia, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Youth & Family
Nancy Clunis, Stacy Foreman, Justin Leitch, Lena Truong, Denton Nissley (staff)