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Youth & Family Ministry

Chain of Lakes Church strongly believes in the Core Value of "Investing in Future Generations."  Below are some of the ways the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) demonstrates that commitment.

Youth & Family Activities

Note: Covid-19 has caused some programs to be put on hold until further notice. The programs that are currently active are Sunday Circles,  Childcare, Vacation Bible School and  Youth Group. Watch for more programs.

Denton Nissley is the Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries. Please feel free to contact him with any questions you have about Chain of Lakes’ Youth and Children Ministry.  Denton, the Youth and Family Ministry Team and Childcare Coordinator Sherri Varsho  look forward to meeting you and seeing how the Chain of Lakes faith community can nurture the aspirations of your entire family.

Sunday Circles for children meets in person during Chain of Lakes Sunday worship. Children and youth stay with their parents for the first songs and then go to the Kids Space for Sunday Circles.  On Communion Sundays,  children and youth are welcome to take Communion, and then go to Sunday Circles. One Sunday of the month is a special fun day, featuring some silliness and laughter.

Sunday Funday is on February 6. During Sunday Circles the kids are going to have an indoor snowball fight. Yes this can happen! For the Y series Pastor Paul is addressing the question, “Y Pray?” Communion will be celebrated. This is an excellent day to invite someone to worship. 

We are looking for volunteers. There are more opportunities than you may know. Wish to find out what?  Contact me: Please don’t hesitate. I would love to get to know you and your gifts! Denton Nissley, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries.

I am inviting you to take some time, go to online, and look for the link: Youth Group volunteer Sign-Up Genius. Upcoming Wednesdays have multiple spots for volunteers to sign-up. Whether you can bring some food, or can sit and take part in helping lead the group, or as we grow, helping to continue discussions at each small grouped table, you are welcome! Please consider a Wednesday that would work for you, and contact me. Any questions – contact me at Denton Nissley, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries.

I am so impressed with this group of kids, whether it’s their knowledge of Scripture, or their invitational spirit. We love seeing new faces, and invite more to come to Youth Group at Chain of Lakes this Wednesday, January 26, at 5:30pm, as we talk about how each of us is Distinct! It is our calling to be the best version of ourselves. First we need to understand who we are as individuals. Denton Nissley, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries

Youth & Family Photos

Highlights from recent Youth & Family Events!