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Youth & Family Ministry

Chain of Lakes Church strongly believes in the Core Value of "Investing in Future Generations."  Below are some of the ways the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) demonstrates that commitment.

Youth & Family Activities

Denton Nissley is the Youth Director. Please feel free to contact him with any questions you have about Chain of Lakes’ Youth Ministry.  Denton and the Youth and Family Ministry Team look forward to meeting you and seeing how the Chain of Lakes faith community can nurture the aspirations of your entire family.  Click here to Plan Your Visit!

Children in first through sixth grade are welcome to attend Sunday Circles which will take place after the Announcement of the Week. Sally Narr and Jeanie Joo are leading Sunday Circles today.

Children up to and including Kindergarten are welcome to attend a gathering called, “Little Saints” that will be led by Robin Mavis in the child care area. 

Youth in grades six to twelve are asked to attend worship.

The Youth and Family Ministry Team, led by Robin Mavis and staffed by Pastor Paul, will be sharing a preliminary plan for children’s ministry on Sunday, January 29. Expanding the children’s ministry of the congregation is an important goal for the church in 2023.

We are continuing a Bible study about who we are now, who we have been, and who we’re becoming. That’s right….drumroll…we’re discussing our identities and how to manage that. I look forward to seeing everyone. Oh, and, BRING A FRIEND!! 🙂
The next Youth Group is Wednesday, February 1, 5:30 – 8pm. Dinner is at 6pm with the Wonderful Wednesday folks.
Denton Nissley, Youth Director,

Youth & Family Photos

Highlights from recent Youth & Family Events! Click on each photo to see it more clearly.

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